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Development/management system of electronic dictionary

Development/management system of terminology dictionary

Quality management system of Korean information processing


Dispersed language resource management








 The purpose of deep processing the large volumed Korean information is to construct large volumed Korean information base which is reflecting the unlimited phenomena of language for the development of NLP(figure 1) being possible to reflect the phenomena of language in real life.

<figure 1> Korean Information System




The language in real life is composed of every field terminology and supporting general vocabulary. Comparing these two languages with the sunflower, it is the terminology for the petal, and the general vocabulary for the seed(figure 2). These two languages are related each other like the petal and the seed. Terminology studies of these days is being published in a quite different form of lexicon from general vocabulary. Because the general vocabulary dictionary is only aiming at the words from daily life, it is therefore needed to construct the information system covering various world of language from real life.
It is necessarily needed in the field of NLP being process the large volumed writings of various fields, so it's construction comes under one of the three aims. It is the development and management system extention of electronic dictionary for sentence analysis and generation(1): the core Korean information base being hold in common(1) and the development of terminology dictionary, the development/management system of electronic dictionary: the terminology model. Besides though existing dictionary once published is just fixed into statical limits, but now forwarding electronic dictionary constructing is studying about the Quality management system: quality management system model and the Management technique of dispersed language resource. Through these works, it grasps the language of reality dynamically, and develops the constituent technique for implicating it in the dictionary.

             <figure 2> Large volumed Korean Information Base outline




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