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Semantic Post-It

Semantic Post-it is a configurable memo interface with semantic service plugins. It can analyze the memo contents, augment memo context to give a better view to the user, or zoom on the meaning of specific information word of the memo. (2008 ~ )

Semantic Post-It is a configurable memo interface that augments the memos around us with digital information and knowledge and lets us use any memos to interact with that information near its context of Post-it memo.

We have used the Post-It memo such that the sticky memo is useful to be located anywhere possibly inside of meaningful context where the owner remembers the memo. It helps people express their idea and statement freely. But it is not easy to organize the memos with the owner’s behavioral and information context. If the computer and knowledge systems are able to recognize their needs, clusters of such relevant memos with their contexts could make a consistent story generated. The story means about what the user wanted to express at that time with a relevant intention in their mind implicitly or explicitly. Note that it is for some person somewhat difficult to write a story to express their idea on scattered memos. Even if they are well trained to write a good story, it takes time to write the whole story within a limited time duration.

Semantic Post-It could be embodied as a shape of Powerpoint-to-Word conversion, a kind of eTutoring like flash card, or as a tool of project management. From the viewpoint of cognitive science oriented system, it could be a part of artificial “self” to import its user’s intention, knowledge and information, and to organize and express their idea that will be helpful to the semantic post-it users. From the viewpoint of personalized computing, it is also a part of semantic desktop to organize the semantic index of files in personal computers. Social networking of semantic post-it memos allows to find individuals’ trends and to catch up the summary in total.

A post-it is a kind of container that contains any type of information, for example, blog, wiki, RDF triplet, sentences, keywords, and any noisy data in its syntactic viewpoint. ‘Semantic Post-it’ is embodied by utilizing semantic infrastructures, for example, linked data like DBPedia, ontologies, semantic annotation, translation, and word nets in its use of context.

Applications include semantic services to recognize the know-how and trends that could be found from relevant Post-it Memos, and platforms for information synchronization between different language users. ‘Post-it’ is a terminology that has a feature to know its contexts and locations in order for the memo in Post-it to be interpreted depending on the context of Post-it memo.


Semantic Post-It integrates various semantic services for memo analysis and administration. Services are expected to be integrated in plug-in format, with some specified interface. Below figure shows system architecture of the semantic post-it.

Architecture Of Semantic Post-It

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