OKBQA 2016


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OKBQA-2016 (Open Knowledge Base and Question Answering Workshop at COLING)

The Workshop on Open Knowledge Base and Question Answering Workshop (OKBQA 2016) took place in Osaka on 11 December 2016, as part of COLING 2016. The main goal of this workshop is to join forces in the collaborative development of open frameworks for knowledge extraction and question answering, to share standards, and to foster the creation of an ecosystem of tools and benchmarks. The call for papers for OKBQA 2016 was issued in September 2016 and elicited a good number of high- quality submissions, each of which was peer-reviewed by three members of the programme committee. At the end we accepted six submissions as long papers, and ten as short papers. Our technical programme combined five oral long papers, two oral short papers and seven poster papers. Please refer to the homepage for more detailed information.


(2016/12/11 ~ 2016/12/11)