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OKBQA-7 (7'th Open Knowledge Base and Question Answering event)

The 7'th OKBQA (Open Knowledge Base and Question Answering) event will be held at KAIST, from 7th through 10th, August, 2018, to facilitate a breakthrough and insemination of state-of-the-art technology on AI for knowledge management and question answering. The event will consist of - OKBQA Hackathon : 7th - 8th - DeepLearningQA Tutorial : 9th - OKBQA Workshop : 10th (Invitation-based) The hackathon will be a venue for actual co-works to develop public resources to accelerate international collaboration for advancing the technology. The hackathon tasks include now but not limited to: - OKBQA Platform - Information-seeking Dialog Agent - Multimodal Character Identification on Videos - KB Population - +Free Topics for Joint Research The tutorial will become an opportunity to learn about frontier works, and to be inspired with new ideas. In this year, three lecturers are invited for tutorial around deep learning for QA. The last day workshop (invitation-based) will be a venue for discussing close collaboration among project of the participants.


(2018/8/7 ~ 2018/8/10)