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KORTERM: Korea Terminology Research Center for Language and Knowledge Engineering

As the major research center of Terminology in Korea, KORTERM aims at systematic research on Terminology. (1998 ~ 2007)

Given the rapid development of economy, culture, science and technology in the world and the fact that terminology is widely used in everyday words, it is becoming increasingly important and imperative to harmonize and unify scientific and technical terms. For the reason, KORTERM was established in 1998 with the support of Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


The purpose of Korterm is: (1) support to communicate knowledge between experts through the cooperation of terminology fields; (2) Speed up the generation of terminology which is reliable and multi-functional by experts and system of specialized field; (3) Support domestic, and international information infra for efficient and standardization communication in international information society.

Field of Study

  1. Terminology Collection
    1. industry standards term
    2. science and technology term
    3. humanity and social science term
  2. Development environment - development and management environment
    1. Domain information base
    2. Domain information process
  3. Terminology theory & test
  4. Publication and distribution educating - publication and distribution
    1. educating and consulting
  5. Quality verification standardization - quality verification system
    1. standardization system
    2. operating system
  6. Detail field of studies - studies on electronic dictionary of umltilingual terminology
    1. studies on linguistic approaches of terminology for the development of multilingual machine translation system

Official Website

KORTERM: Korean official web site

KORTERM: English official web site

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