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Intrinsic Property and its applications

Intrinsic property, or rigid property, is a property which represents essentiality of a thing. This research is about mining intrinsic properties of a thing automatically from Wikipedia category structure, and applying it to various fields. (2009 ~ )

The intrinsic property of a thing is a property which is essential to the thing and it loses its identity when the property changes (Guarino, 2000; Mizoguchi, 2004). In this research, we aim to automatically extract intrinsic property of a thing by traversing a given category structure. By mining intrinsic properties of a thing we can figure out its meaning, thus the result could be applicable to various semantic applications.

Current Applications


CAT2ISA is a research to mine taxonomy from a given category structure. From a category structure we can mine intrinsic properties of each category entity, and these mined properties can again be used to determine whether each category link represents isa/instanceOf relation or not. Category structure and taxonomy, which is normally defined as a set of entities and isa/instanceOf relations between them, is somehow different: category structure is a set of category entities which are discrete entities characterized by a set of properties shared by their members (Aristotle), while to hold the isa/instanceOf relations it requires more than simply sharing the properties between them: to hold isa/instanceOf relation between two entities, they should share intrinsic property between them. For example, James instanceOf student does not hold: it is possible that James is not a student in some time. But James instanceOf person holds, because once James is a person, he is always a person.

Official homepage and demo is available at: CAT2ISA website

Ontology Entity Instance Population

Since we know the meanings of each entity, we can tell WHAT IT IS. Ontology entity instance population system gets an ontological class as input, and shows all the entities which holds instanceOf relation with it.

Demo version .1: Pure lexical matching-based (Light and fast, but gives fewer result)

Demo version .2: WordNet-based Query Expansion (Takes a little more time, but provides more result)

Intrinsic Property Explorer

We have extracted all those intrinsic properties of Wikipedia categories and articles. The result could be traversed at those below links. The most recent version of Wikipedia used here is 2010. 03. 12.

Intrinsic Property Explorer: Wiki Ver. 2010. 03. 12