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COAT: Manual Semantic Annotation Toolkit

Semantic annotation toolkit is dedicated for fast & easy-to-use semantic annotation. It supports users by easy, keyboard-based graphical interface. Also we are planning to support automatic generation of semantic data. (October 2009 ~ June 2010)

COAT is a manual semantic annotation toolkit which help users to annotate information on plain text. Below figure shows example of an annotated sentence.

Example of annotated sentence

COAT toolkit is consist of three toolkits. COAT Annotator is for the real-work users, whose job is to manually annotate each document. To increase the reliability of the resultant document, annotation work on a document should be done by two different annotators, who do not know about each other's work. COAT conjugator is for the senior annotators (conjugators), whose job is to resolve conflict between those annotators on the same document. COAT administrator tool is for those who admin the work progress, set up the corpus, and download & actually use those manually annotated documents. Below figure shows the design paradigm of COAT manual semantic annotation toolkit.

Design paradigm of COAT annotation toolkit

Program Download

[Package V0.5 Download..]

Official website

Sourceforge project of COAT