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BoRA: Bank of Resource for Language and Annotation

BoRA, Bank of Resoure for Language and Annotation, helps researchers to easily access to those language resources which requires continuous maintenance and distribution. (2004 ~ ) Language processing technology is key to information technology. At the same time, the language processing technology requires language resources. In the age of informationalization epitomizing the 21st century, language resources are certainly something of great value. It takes a long time and a lot of efforts to develop language resources. Over the past decade, the Bank of Language Resources (BORA) has developed a wide variety of language resources to be used for natural language processing. As a result, BORA has accumulated a considerable amount of resources. Now, BORA seeks to supply the accumulated resources for those who may need them under the following terms and conditions.

BORA language resources are available to both members and non-members under this Usage Agreement . The provider BORA and the user (member or non-member) ought to follow what is specified in the agreement. The provider should hand over the agreed language resources to the user. Under no circumstance the user should reproduce or redistribute them. If the user intends to apply the agreed language resources to a particular case and provide them for a third party, he/she must get BORA's approval.

Official Website

BoRA: Official Website

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