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2017년도 제29회 한글 및 한국어 정보처리 학술대회 우수상 수상
2017년도 제29회 한글 및 한국어 정보처리 학술대회 우수상 수상
우리 연구실 남상하, 김지호 학생 외 5명이 한국정보과학회 언어공학연구회가 주관한 2017년 제29회 한글 및 한국어 정보처리 학술대회에서, "다중-어의 단어 임베딩을 적용한 CNN 기반 원격 지도 학습 관계 추출 모델"과 "지식베이스 확장을 위한 행렬 분해 모델" 논문을 제출하여 우수상을 수상하였습니다.

OKBQA-2017 (Open Knowledge Base and Question Answering Workshop at SIGIR)
The OKBQA 2017 has successfully finished in Tokyo on 11 October 2017, as part of SIGIR 2017.

Over the last years, several challenges and calls for research projects have pointed out the dire need for pushing natural language interfaces. In this context, the importance of Semantic Web data as a premier knowledge source is rapidly increasing. But we are still far from having accurate natural language interfaces that allow handling complex information needs in a user-centric and highly performant manner. The development of such interfaces requires the collaboration of a range of different fields, including natural language processing, information extraction, knowledge base construction and population, reasoning, and question answering.

We would like to thank everyone who have contributed to the organization and delivery of this workshop: the authors who submitted such high quality papers; the programme committee for their high quality, prompt and thoughtful reviewing; the keynote speakers; the SIGIR 2017 organizing committees, the workshops chairs, the participants in the workshop; and future readers of these proceedings for your shared interest in this exciting new area of research. Please refer to the homepage for more detailed information.