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* 2006.1.22~1.26 Jeju, Seogwipo KAL Hotel

19:00 Registration open
21:00 Closing
08:00 Registration open
09:20 Opening ceremony
09:40 Invited Talk Dong Zhen Dong - HowNet
10:10 coffee-break
10:30 Vossen, Rigau, Alegria, Agirre, Farwell, Fuentes Meaningful Results for Information Retrieval in the MEANING Project Delft, Netherlands
11:00 Keyvan, Borjian, Kasheff, Fellbaum Developing PersiaNet : The Persian Wordnet Princeton, USA
11:15 Famian & Aghajaney Towards Building a WordNet for Persian Adjectives Tehran, Iran
11:30 Agarwal & Bhattacharya Augmenting WordNet with Polarity Information on Adjectives Mumbai, India
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Srinivas & Bhattacharya Prepositional Phrase Attachments through Semantic Association using Connectionist Approach Mumbai, India
14:20 Graves & Gutierrez Data Representations for WordNet: A Case for RDF Santiago, Chile
14:40 Lee, Yoon, Kwon Passive Verb Sense Distinction in Korean Wordnet Pusan, Korea
15:00 Tufis, Barbu Mititelu, Bozianu, Mihaila Romanian Wordnet: New Developments and Applications Bucarest, Romania
15:30 tea-break
16:00 Jung, Sung, Park Project Report on a Korean Science & Technology Thesaurus with Conceptual/Relational Facets Daejeon, Korea
16:15 Hwang & Yoon Inheritance revisited for building Korean lexical semantic network: a case study using sex features Pusan, Korea
16:30 Takasaki PictNet: Semantic Infrastructure for Pictogram Communication Tokyo, Japan
16:50 Closing
09:15 Cuadros, Padro, Rigau An Empirical Study for Automatic Acquisition of Topic Signatures Barcelona, Spain
09:45 Kahusk & Vider Semantic Relations in Glosses and Explanantions: Do they help? Tartu, Estonia
10:05 Marinelli & Spadoni Some Considerations in Structuring a Terminological Knowlege Base Pisa, Italy
10:25 Kim, Chen, Veale Analogical Reasoning with a Synergy of WordNet and HowNet Dublin, Ireland
10:45 coffee-break
11:15 Buscaldi, Rosso, Arnal Wordnet as a geographical information resource Valencia, Spain
11:45 Sundheim, Mardis, Burger Gazetteer Linkage to WordNet SPAWAR, USA
12:00 Sanfilippo, Tratz, Gregory, Chappell, Whitney, Posse, Paulson, Baddeley, Hohimer, White Automating Ontological Annotation with WordNet Richland, USA
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Sinha, Reddy, Bhattacharya An Approach towards Applying and constructing Multi-Lingual Indo-WN Mumbai, India
14:20 Mendes Adjectives in WN.PT Lisbon, Portugal
14:40 Bae, Shi, Choi A Study on a Conceptual Map of Korean Words KAIST, Korea
15:00 Chakrabarti, Sarma, Bhattacharya Hindi Verb Knowledge Base and Noun Incorporation in Hindi Mumbai, India
15:30 tea-break
16:00 Guerra-Filho & Aloimonos Towards a sensorimotor WordNet: Closing the semantic gap Maryland, USA
16:15 Horak, Pala, Rambousek, Povolny DEBVisDic ? First Version of New Client-Server Wordnet Browsing and Editing Tool Brno, Czech Republic
16:30 Black, Elkateb, Rodriguez, Alkhalifa, Vossen, Pease, Fellbaum Introducing the Arabic WordNet Project Manchester, UK
16:45 Jung & Young Grapheme-to-Phoneme conversion of Arabic Numerals using Wordnet for improving Korean TTS Daejon, Korea
17:00 Closing
09:00 Azarova & Sinapalkova RussNet as a Semantic Component of the Text Analyzer for Russian St. Petersburg, Russia
09:30 Oh & Choi Recognizing Transliteration Equivalents for Enriching Domain-Specific Thesauri KAIST, Korea
09:50 Huang, Lin, Su, Hong The Nature of Cross-lingual Lexical Semantic Relations Taipei, Taiwan
10:10 Orav Lexical Knowledge of Personality Traits Tartu, Estonia
10:30 coffee-break
11:00 Agarwal & Bhattacharya Adding Dense, Weighted Connections to WordNet Princeton, USA
11:30 Pedersen, Nimb, Asmussen, Sorensen, Trap-Jensen, Lorentzen Dannet--a Wordnet Project for Danish Copenhagen, Denmark
11:45 Agirre, Aldezabal, Exteberria, Izagirre, Mendizabal, Pociello, Quintian Improving the Basque WordNet by Corpus Annotation Donostia, Spain
12:00 Excursion
09:00 Yang & Powers Verb similarity on the taxonomy of WordNet Adelaide, Australia
09:30 Roventini & Ruimy Linking and Harmonizing Differnt Lexical Resources: a Comparison of Verbal Entries in ITALWordNet and PAROLE-SIMPLE-CLIPS Pisa, Italy
09:50 Sinopalnikova, Smr Knowing a Word vs. Accessing a Word: Wordnet and Word Association Norms as Interfaces to Electronic Dictionaries St. Petersburg, Russia
10:10 Lee, Oh, Choe, Choi Research on Processing a Multiple Nominative Case Construction in Korean-English Machine Translation by using WordNet Korea
10:30 coffee-break
11:00 Ryu, Kim, Nam, Huang, Shin, Lee, Choi Towards Domain-Specific Thesaurus Construction: Divide and Conquer method KAIST, Korea
11:30 Mohanty, Santi, Mishra, Mohapatra, Swain Semantic-Based Text Classification Using WordNets: Indian Language Perspective Bhubaneswar, India
11:45 Erjacev & Fiser Building the Slovene Wordnet: First Steps, First Problems Ljubljana, Slovenia
12:00 Amaro Wordnet as a Base Lexicon Model for the Computation of Verbal Predicates Lisbon, Portugal
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Haskell, Fellbaum, Barnett A Proposal for the Automatic Distinction of Homomorphic Idiomatic and Non-idiomatic Phrases in WordNet Princeton/Pasadena, USA
14:20 Agirre, Aldezabal, Pociello Lexicalization and Multi word Expressions in WordNet Donostia, Spain
14:40 Aherne & Vogel Wordnet Enhanced Automatic Crossword Generation Dublin, Ireland
15:00 Stevenson & Greenwood Learning Information Extraction Patterns using WordNet Sheffield, UK
15:30 tea-break
16:00 Marrafa, Amaro, Chaves, Lourosa, Martins, Mendes WordNet.PT: New Directions Lisbon, Portugal
16:15 Dias-da-Silva WordNet Brazil: An Exercise of Human Language Technology Research Sao Paolo, Brazil
16:30 Alexin, Csirik, Kocsor, Mihaltz Construction of the Hungarian EuroWordNet Ontology and its application to Information Extraction Szeged, Hungary
16:45 Yablonsky & Sukhonogov Semi-Automated English-Russian WordNet Construction: Initial Resources, Software and Methods of Translation St. Petersburg, Russia
17:00 tea-break
17:30 Business meeting
18:00 Closing
09:00 Choi, Kang, Choe Research of Multi-Lingual Information Processing Methodologies and Database Development for Globalizing Korean Studies KAIST, Korea
09:15 Hong & Huang WordNet Based Comparison of Language Variation : A study based on CCD and CWN Taipei, Taiwan
09:45 coffee-break
10:15 Veale & Hayes A Typology of lexical analogy in WordNet Dublin, Ireland
10:45 Dutoit, Papadima Alexandria as a Result of the Integration of WordNet and LDI Caen, France
11:00 Smrz Using WordNet for Opinion Mining Brno, Czech Republic
11:15 Bi, Choi, Xiong, Liu Some Issues in the Construction of a Multi-lingual Lexical-Semantic Net Korea, Luoyang/Beijing, China
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Closing