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Proceedings of GWC 2006

GWC Proceedings Cover page Petr Sojka, Key-Sun Choi, Christine Fellbaum, Piek Vossen (Editors):

GWC 2006

Proceedings of the Third International WordNet Conference --- GWC 2006, South Jeju Island, Korea, January 22--26, 2006.
Publication date: December 30, 2005.
ISBN 80-210-3915-9 
x + 352 pages, published by Masaryk University, Brno
This book constitutes the refereed Proceedings of the Third International WordNet Conference, held in Seogwipo, Jeju Island, Korea, in January 2006. The 55 papers and abstracts by 134 authors are organized in the proceedings written for researchers and advanced students.
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Abstracts of Proceedings Papers

List of abstracts of papers presented at GWC 2006 is available, with links to the full papers in PDF.