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- Preparation of Final Papers   - Call for Papers

3rd Announcement and final Call for Papers
3rd International Conference of the Global WordNet Association
Jeju Island, Republic of Korea



The Global Wordnet Association is pleased to announce the Third International Conference of the Global WordNet Association (GWA'06), organized by KAIST.
The conference will be held on Jeju Island, Korea, January, 23-27, 2006.

More information can be found on the GWA website:

We invite papers addressing the questions listed below.
Proposals for tutorials on building wordnets and demonstrations of wordnet databases and wordnet-based software on any issue related to wordnets are welcome, too.

A. Linguistics and WordNet:
     a. In depth analysis of Semantic Relations,
     b. Theoretical definitions of word meaning,
     c. Necessity and Completeness issues.

B. Architecture of WordNet:
     a. Language independent and language dependent components

C. Tools and Methods for Wordnet Development:
     a. User and Data entry interface, organization,
     b. Extending and enriching wordnets
     c. Integrating WordNet with other linguistic resources
     (SUMO, Top ontologies, VerbNet, FrameNet, etc.)

D. WordNet as a lexical resource and component of NLP and MT:
     a. Word sense disambiguation using wordnet(s)
     b. Ontologies and WordNet(s)
     c. The Lexicon and WordNet(s)
     d. Semantic interpretation and WordNet(s)

E. Applications of WordNet:
     a. Information Extraction and Retrieval,
     b. Document Structuring and Categorization,
     c. Automatic Hyperlinking
     d. Language Teaching,
     e. Psycholinguistic Applications

F. Standardization, distribution and availability of wordnets and = wordnet tools.

Presentations will fall into one of the following categories:

--long papers (30 mins)
--short papers (15 mins)
--project reports (10 mins)
--demonstrations (20 mins)

Submissions will have to state the preferred format. Acceptance may be subject to changes in the format or length of the presentation.
(E.g., a long paper submission may be accepted as a short paper.)

Final papers should be submitted in electronic form (Postscript or PDF) Long papers should contain approximately 7,500 words (~ 15 pages);
short papers and demonstrations should be approx. 4,000 words long.
Project reports will be limited to approx. 1,000 words (2 pages of text).
Send papers to
Christiane Fellbaum (
Piek Vossen (

The extented deadline for submissions is July 15th, 2005. Decisions regarding acceptance will be announced to the authors in early September.

We anticipate publishing the Proceedings both in paper and CD format.

Conference Chairs:
     Piek Vossen and Christiane Fellbaum

Local Organizing Committee Chair:

Key-Sun Choi (
Dept. of Computer Science
Bank of Language Resources
Korea Terminology Research Center for Language & Knowledge Engineering (KAIST)

Program Committee (as of March 7)

Eneko Agirre (Donostia, Spain)
Antonietta Alonge (Perugia, Italy)
Pushpak Bhattacharyya (Mumbai, India)
Bill Black (Manchester, England)
Jordan Boyd-Graber, (Princeton, USA)
Paul Buitelaar (Saarbruecken, Germany)
Key-Sun Choi (KAIST, Korea)
Salvador Climent (Barcelona, Spain)
Bento Diaz (Sao Paolo, Brazil)
Christiane Fellbaum (Princeton, U.S.A./Berlin, Germany)
Julio Gonzalo (Madrid, Spain)
Ben Haskell (Princeton, U.S.A.)
Andreas Hotho (Kassel, Germany)
Chu Ren Huang (Taipei, Republic of China)
Farhad Keyvan (New Jersey, USA)
Adam Kilgarriff (England)
Claudia Kunze (Tuebingen, Germany)
Lothar Lemnitzer (Tuebingen, Germany)
Birte Loenneker (Hamburg , Germany)
Bernardo Magnini (Trento, Italy)
Palmira Maraffa (Lisabon, Portugal)
Toni Marti (Barcelona, Spain)
David Martinez (Donostia, Spain)
Rada Mihalcea (Texas, U.S.A.)
Noam Ordan, (Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences)
Karel Pala (Brno, Czech Republic)
Adam Pease (Articulate Software, U.S.A.)
Ted Pedersen (Minnesota, U.S.A.)
German Rigau (Donostia, Spain)
Horacio Rodriguez (Barcelona, Spain)
Sofia Stamou (Patras, Greece)
Mark Stevenson (Sheffield, England)
Dan Tufis (Bucarest, Romania)
Serge Yablonsky (Russia)
Kadri Vider (Tartu, Estonia)
Piek Vossen (Netherlands)
Shuly Wintner (Haifa, Israel)

Important dates:

03-2005 1st Announcement
05-2005 2nd Announcement
07-2005 Deadline for paper submission, extended to July 15th
09-2005 Author notification
10-2005 Final Papers due
11-2005 Registration is open
01-2006 Conference