IASLOD 2012 offers a broad and intensive series of lectures at different levels on Linked Data, ranging from Natural Language Processing to Web Engineering. The Linked Data methodology is a light-weight approach to facilitate the transition from the current web of unstructured documents to a web of structured data. Due to the large availability of Linked Data tools, industrial applications, and knowledge bases on one side, and the growth of the R&D community on the other side; the Linked Data paradigm has become a crucial building block of the Web architecture.

IASLOD is organized by the EU-FP7 project “LOD2 – Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data https://lod2.eu/ ” and it is particularly focused on the Asian participation. Lecturers comprise distinguished experts from LOD2 member organizations as well as invited speakers, who will also be present for the duration of the school to interact with students. Interaction among senior and young researchers is a main focus of the school, which will be supported through social activities and an interactive, amicable atmosphere. The previous event in this series was ISSLOD 2012:

Prospective audience:

Graduate (and advanced undergraduate) students from around the world. Most appropriate degrees include: Computer Science, Web Science and Engineering, Computational Linguistics, Knowledge / Service Engineering. Other students (for instance, from Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Philosophy, or Cognitive Science) are welcome too.

IASLOD is also appropriate for people more advanced in their career who want to keep themselves updated on developments in the field. The School intends to help students to initiate and foster their research career.



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